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with american enemies. back here at home, romney says the stimulus did not create a single job even though the budget office says it created as 3.3 million jobs. we got more. president obama raised taxes on the the middle class until last week when he slipped up and said president obama never raised taxes but will raise them soon. it was mitt romney who said let detroit go bankrupt. then he saw what happened after the automobile loan from the federal government saved 1.5 million american jobs and ohio's economy. and all of a sudden, mitt romney says the auto loan, that was just a good idea. and mitt romney says he will be the president for all americans. don't forget that. even though he was caught on tape saying he can never convince 47% of americans to take responsibility for themselves. this is why mitt romney can't be let off the hook in the debate tomorrow night. but it's hard to press him on these issues when he doesn't even answer the questions. here it is. >> what is the biggest misconception about you in the public debate right now? >> we'll have to create more jobs, have less deb
as honest. romney is running on his business create. he says he created 100,000 jobs as the ce ork as bain. he claimed he had no involvement with managing bain after 1999. but wait a minute. sec filings show him as the ceo and sole stake holder in the company for three additional years. now during those years, what happened? thousands of people were laid off in the bain companies while mitt romney profited. speaking of bain, romney says he's going to get tough on china as president if he's elected. even though his recent tax returns show that he was making investment money all from chinese internet companies accused of stealing american content. he says president obama apologizes for america overseas even though not a single transcript ever shows him apologizing. when mitt romney had a chance to weigh in on the international incident, what did he do? he accused president obama of sympathizing with american enemies. back here at home, romney says the stimulus did not create a single job even though the budget office says it created as 3.3 million jobs. we got more. president obama raised ta
jobs and ohio's economy. and all of a sudden, mitt romney says the auto loan, that was just a good idea. and mitt romney says he will be the president for all americans. don't forget that. even though he was caught on tape saying he can never convince 47% of americans to take responsibility for themselves. this is why mitt romney can't be let off the hook in the debate tomorrow night. but it's hard to press him on these issues when he doesn't even answer the questions. here it is. >> what is the biggest misconception about you in the public debate right now? >> we'll have to create more jobs, have less debt and shrink the size of government. >> misconceptions about you? >> you get to ask the questions you want and i get to give the answers i want. >> i hope there's a moment like that tomorrow night. not going to be easy for jim lehrer. even if romney won't answer for them, it needs to be spelled out loud and clear to the american people who have been lied to. mitt romney has not been straight with americans on where he stands and where he wants to take the country and there's no better
romney would like to do today, passed a tax cut for the wealthiest that led to the lowest pace of job creation since world war ii, stripped back oversight from wall street a financial house of cards that collapsed in 2008. so president clinton made clear this isn't some sort of economic theory, we've tried these policies before and you saw where we ended up. let's pursue those that work. >> ben in terms of the strategy, we were talking about the fact that mitt romney has been trotting out i won't call it stakes, maybe dried pieces of chicken in terms of policy specifics, the $17,000 bucket, et cetera, is there concern that these are enough of a distraction to turn the dynamics of the debate away from a more aggressive posture that the president might take vis-a-vis mitt romney's obfuscation. >> the american people will be tuning in for specifics tonight. they know mitt romney can ably attack the president. he's done that the past year and a half. i don't think they're going to score punches about how many zingers or punches he lands. they'll look for an explanation. how do you pay for
ann romney's job but such a simplistic strategy with women and then look at as ron brown stein reports a micro targeted strategy to speak to women on issues not just the 47% stuff but the reproductive stuff, speaks to women's paychecks, speaks to their pocketbooks. >> the thing we talk about, months and months ago that the republicans did not understa in terms of this language ability the war on women for women it's not just about equality and rights and reproductive health it is an economic issue. these women in that poll on the pill, they know how much they pay. they know how much they pay for that is money not going to something for their kids and most working moms, my single working mom this way, would give up something for herself before she would give up something for me to make sure i had what i needed. for those women this is a very, you know, very serious issue and again, the fact that there's been such a lack of respect for women and i think also, in this 47% comment, i mean, you know, for people of color a lot of the language is very disrespectful for working people, a lot o
that romney is going to get the job without saying anything? you think romney can get the job without saying anything? >> dana: where do you get he hasn't said anything? >> bob: tell me what he said about medicare. >> dana: i am not a spokesperson for romney come pain. i read the 59-point plan which is darned detail you made fun of before. >> bob: it's laughable. >> dana: you can is not say he doesn't have a plan. it sounds so hollow. >> bob: what do you say it's not true? you have to lay it out. >> kimberly: you are making statements that are inaccurate. you may it or disapprove, your right, but the american people should decide whether or not they think he can do a better job. >> bob: you know something i don't know. tell me what is the plan? >> eric: who cares -- >> kimberly: why do i care about the liberals? why are you caring about the liberals? >> bob: you said he has a plan. i don't know it. >> kimberly: he doesn't worry about the specific loopholes. he has an overall picture, that does not increase taxes on the middle class. to encourage people to invest in the economy. >> eric: can
romney's job number one tonight? >> well, if he was out here, shepard, his job number one would be to stand upright in the wind. since he he is going to be inside, i think his job is to go large about the issues and about the choice before the american people in this election. you know, vice president biden was right. they the middle class has been buried and debt and regulation and taxes. we need to free them up and empower them. i think governor romney is going to present the choice and is he going to say what he would do about it. >> a lot of republicans, sir have said that governor romney, 47% remark is one that needs a button on it. it's one that needs an explanation and a turning point for him to get past it. how might he do that tonight? >> well, again, i think the answer is to go large and let the american people see his heart, his concern for what's happening to the middle class. i mean, you know, half the kids getting out of school can't get a job. and this has been going on for years. and then to talk about what he wants to do about it. you know, i just think he needs
struggling to find a job? >> reporter: romney said at a recent stop it is not about winning. >> mitt romney is the underdog and he will be ready on the issues which is what this is about. >> they say the debate will pressure the challenger. >> i think the debate will be interesting and they will be held to account for as far -- for more as far as the facts and details. >> reporter: both know the questions an answers can be costly. >> quite a few have lost an election with a debate. >> meaning what happens tonight could decide what happened. >> live in denver, i am sandra back to you. >> our coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. time now 4:46, they created a protest to ban sitting on sidewalks in the city's commercial areas. opponents shared ice cream and a kiss in front of city hall and they say it was a recreation of president barack obama and michelle obama's first date of eating ice cream on the sidewalk. it will unfairly tar get the homeless. a san francisco city leader is working to get people covered up and they are receiving numerous complaints about the naked people who frequented the public
think mitt romney doesn't care about the 47% or just have a different approach when it comes to jobs in the economy? >> i think that he can't relate. i think that he doesn't care because he spoke from his heart when he didn't know that the cameras were rolling. when he was on that garbage truck for a couple of hour, he knew the cameras were rolling and it's one thing to work on a garbage truck for a couple of hours for a show basically. it's another thing to do it every day, eight, ten hours a day for 20 years. >> joan raymond, it's good of you to come on the program, especially to get up early for us. let me bring back governor rendell and chip. listening to her and a lot of people like her, is that what mitt romney has to think about tonight when he's saying here's what i really meant? >> i think he does. i think the biggest challenge mitt romney's got to do is connect with those folks who think he's just a rich guy who doesn't care and i think those who know mitt romney the best, he's a compassionate guy who's done a lot for not only his community, country, state and church, givin
and this is shared by a lot of republicans, that anytime mitt romney spins isn't on the economy and jobs, tonight's debate as much he can, he's going to be time wasted for him. in the larger picture because that's the wedge that he can win. >> dan rather, always great to have you here. thank you so much. major garrett, i don't know about you, i cannot wait. cannot wait. thank you. >> i can't wait. >> thank you. >>> just terrible news out of syria where there was a horrific scene this morning. at least 33 people were killed. dozens maybe trapped in the rubble after a wave of suicide bombings in the main square in aleppo. three were car bombs. at least one building was levelled. another blast went off outside the chamber of commerce nearby. the syrian government blames the rebels, but activists say syrian troops planted those bombs. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. ♪ introducing the comple
really well at all. >> reporter: but governor romney still talks up job training. he backs personal reemployment accounts that workers can use to find training and job counseling. and he wants states to take the lead, not the federal government. there are now 47 different federal training programs, and romney calls that duplication a waste. >> all that money, all that overhead-- what i want to do is take those dollars and bundle it up, send it back to nevada and say, "you train your people for the jobs the people of nevada need and want." >> reporter: most of those 47 programs are very small and they're aimed at groups like veterans and the poor. governor romney would replace them with a fixed grant of money to each state. that would give states more flexibility. but that funding would come with some risk. >> in the end, it often becomes an excuse just for cutting resources, and we've already cut resources so dramatically in this area. the cuts are as steep as 90% compared to 30 years ago when these programs peaked. >> reporter: when congress gets back to budget talks next year, the
unemployment are not good for anyone in elected office and are are not good for anyone looking for a job either. >> susie: you know, tonight obviously in the debate president obama and governor romney will be talking about the job market do. you expect them to give any kind of plan to jolt the labor market and to get that unemployment rate down drastically? >> i think both candidates are likely to be somewhat vague in their discussion of proposals to great jobs. if i were asking the question, i think the one that i with like to hear answered most would be, what are you going to do about the approaching fiscal cliff if we go over the fiscal cliff, if we plunge over the highest bluff along the fiscal cliff, it's very likely the economy will fall into recession and the unemployment rate instead of being 8 at the end of next year will be above 9. so the first thing that any elected official needs to do in 2013 is prevent job losses by doing something about the fiscal cliff. >> susie: are you predicting a recession? >> no, we're not. we do think that in a crisis environment at the 11th hour, some so
the president will do a better job in the debates. only 32% say mitt romney will do a better job. that low number may be mitt romney's big opportunity though. let's discuss with our chief political analyst gloria borger. are these debates, gloria, always harder for incumbents? >> i think it is. you look at the expectation game. people understand that president obama is a great speaker, they've seen him do other debates in the past. and they kind of remember them and think he's the sitting president, he'll do a better job. so he's got expectations running against him. then the other thing for the challenger is remember, wolf, this is really the first time that mitt romney and barack obama will be at the same level. so just by showing up to a certain degree mitt romney gets elevated standing on the same stage with the president. and here's another thing about the president, he has to defend his record without seeming to be defensive about it. and that's, you know, that's not an easy thing to accomplish. so he's got a big job tonight. >> mitt romney's got a huge job as well. what do you expec
in colorado with romney? you did good job in florida when hturned i ound. why arenou out there with hi >> i think the governor's got ae it at that. >> bill: sit's his prerence not to have yong. secondly, you prped john mccain for his debate witbarak obam mccain held h own, budidn't bring the debate to the president, then se mcin never brought it to him. he was almost exasperated by hat he's talking about. he's talking inenalities, but that doesn't get tgh to the electorate who liked barak s like barak true. i think thas o of the reasons why governor romney's got to go on ose. what t governohas t do is make t blaming barak obama f the badec- >> bill: how do u that? how do youwing the public over to how? >> well, that's the thing that they haven'te don effectively -- as etively atheyeed to. they've convind the american peoplehat the economy is bad. they ven't convinced the ameran pple is that theent'solie caused t economy.ill: do yodo ty bsolutely. so y just k-- >> policy picy, policy by licy, and say, your stimulus bill conditns whic has hur unemoymentnd cause it to be above 8% for 40 mont
buried in the avalanche. this is whether we create more jobs or to what romney wants to do to go back to policies that got us in that mess? >> bret: is the president going on the offensive? on the >> i don't know that the president -- i don't think the president looks at this like a boxing or sparring match. again, his audience is the american people. having that conversation with him, talking to them about how we create jobs, how we double our manufacturing, how we double experts. his focus is on american people not his opponent. >> i want to talk to you about libya. you were on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace. you said this. >> well, i think, as you heard ambassador rice say, the best information we had at the point in which he gave that answer is the answer she gave. look, ambassador rice has access to far more intelligence data than i do. the most important thing is we get to the bottom of the intelligence and what happened and may or may not cause this incident. >> bret: we now know the intelligence then was not the best information. we know there were 12 incidents targeting
, mitt romney's garbage man doesn't like him. this is important. i'm not joking. this is my job. and on the eve of the first presidential debate, ben afflec finally breaks his silence to tell us what he thinks of the two candidates. a "red eye" exclusive that we got ourselves. and the uk bans a kid from attending a protest. >> thanks, andy. >> ubecha. i have nothing to say. i am glad. >>> she is so hot she is mistaken often for a tea kettle. i am here with jedediah bila. look at her smile. and if hilarity was a fishing boat he woulds teaming with crabs. please be offended is now available on netflix. i urge you to purchase it immediately. and in norway she considered a throw pillow. my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if thoughtful commentary was a whistle, blown men in stripes would blow him on a football field. itthe john gibson show. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> yes, it is, my friends. does he not show affection to those in trash collection? well, a labor union that backs barack obama has released an attack ad featuring a sanitation worker who picks up
. president's job rating. romney's favorability rating that number is still under water he has problems and the question of which candidate is better equipped to manage the economy. remember the unemployment rate is 5.9% in virginia. romney's favorable in florida but under in virginia and ohio. when it comes to who is better able to manage the economy a question on which romney has staked his candidacy romney has a margin of error lead in florida and virginia. the president leads on that question in ohio. with iowa, new hampshire and ohio headed to the obama column that puts the president at 265 and that means romney has to run the table on the remaining states to get to 270. if the debate doesn't move romney's numbers in ohio he may face the same decision al gore faced in 2000 whether to take the pr hit. all of this explains why tonight's debate is so crucial. >> it is spectacular and i have never seen it before. >> a 726 foot monument to government infrastructure. in denver romney's break time was lunch to chipotle. the candidates off the trail on tuesday and the two men picked up the
americans. >> do you want four more years for people struggling trying to find a job? >> mitt romney told supporters at a recent campaign stop, the debate is not about winning. >> i think he will be ready and he will be ready on the issues which really what this election is about. >> they are spinning in the encumbrance favor saying the debate will pressure the challengers. >> they will have to back up their statements and they will be held to cat for more as far as the facts. >> both candidates know every question counts and fumbles can be costly. >> very few can win with a debate and quite a few have lost with a debate. >> they could decide what happens after november 6th. >> voters will get a chance to see them square off two more times before election day. i day. i am sandra back to you. >> we will be streaming the debate live on our website on and our live ipad app. >>> we have a response to that big fire in august at the refinery. protesters want safety improvements and reduced emissions so they plan to march to the refinery at 3:00 this afternoon. yesterday the city
? >> for governor romney, he's got two jobs: one is to say why the president has failed and the second is to sell himself. to do that job, he has to be aggressive, kind of in the president's face. for the second job he has to offer something people find attractive so the challenge for him is getting the mix right. the challenge for the president is staying on script, talking about howshe's been working for the middle-class and not getting knocked off by governor romney who he doesn't have a great deal of personal regard for. so he has to not look defensive. >> pelley: john, thank you very much. we'll be back later tonight with cbs news live coverage of the debate. that's 9:00 eastern time and 6:00 in the west. today secretary of state hillary clinton promised a full and open investigation into the terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, three weeks ago. four americans, you'll recall, were killed, including ambassador chris stevens. there are a lot of questions about what happened. margaret brennan has been following this story and she's at the start tonight. margaret? >> reporter:
to be democrats. >> brown: romney ads address the job losses directly >> here in north carolina, we're not better off under president obama. his failed economic and trade policies with china have destroyd thousands of jobs. >> brown: that message is a rallying cry to mike armstrong of rocky mount. now he hosts a local tv show on politics. he helped start a tea party branch here in 2010. what are the biggest issues? >> jobs, jobs and jobs. that would be your top three >> brown: that's it. so it's a question of who can do the better scrob >> who can do the better job not creating jobs. we realize politicians don't create job but at least enhancing the environment that can create jobs. >> brown: do you think there's much enthusiasm? >> as a conservative i am much more enthusiastic about mitt romney than i was john mccain. i thought john mccain was just an extension of george bush. we had had enough of that. >> brown: but polls show enthusiasm remains a question mark here for mitt romney and for the president. he also has to worry about criticism from his left. people like duke economics professor wi
presidential nominee paul ryan said a romney administration would help more americans find jobs. >> we have a jobs crisis in america. wouldn't it be nice to have a job creator in the white house? ( applause ) we can't afford four more years. we need a real recovery. take a look at just jobs. we lost 582,000 manufacturing jobs since the president took office. he's offering a new tax increase on our job creators that will cost us 700,000 jobs. we're offering really forms. >> ifill: which candidate has the better plan to get the economy back on track? that's the key question in battleground states like north carolina, which only months ago seemed out of reach for the democrats this year. but it's back in play again. jeffrey brown traveled there to discover why. >> lead the way. brown: 26-year-old dewayne owens who served in the marines and is now a professional mixeded marshal artist usually takes on tougher opponents than your correspondent. >> i see. brown: but this weekend on a break from training at the gym in durham, he offered a few pointers >> when i kick i'm thinking about kicking thro
doing everything, always doing something else. kevson very smart, keeping it focused on jobs and the economy and the romney campaign. and i think the only a ha is going to matter today about 9:01 when the debate starts and these two guys are on the same stage together. i think we are not going to be talking about videos or gotcha videos or anything else tomorrow or tonight or tomorrow, it is going to be about the debate it is going to be reset about 9:01 tonight. >> i don't know if that is necessarily true. we may not be talking about a ha moments but chip don't you think we are going to talk about that 47% will not come up in the debate tonight? >> i think it will come up very early in the debate. mitt romney has got to -- i think he will define the debate in this answer, whether he is going to be defensive about it or whether he is going to got offense about it. i think that will probably define the whole debate, because it is going to be about the economy tonight. >> these tapes do matter, at least one tape will matter, and that being the one at the private fund-raiser? >>
" is up next. vo: tougt romney. when a flood of chinese tires threatened a thousand american jobs... it was president obama who stood up to china and protected american workers. mitt romney attacked obama's decision... said standing up to china was "bad for the nation and our workers." how can mitt romney take on the cheaters... when he's taking their side? "what do you want from a medicare plan?" i just want a company that helps me get the most out of my healthcare. i want it to be simple. one plan. one card to carry. i want lower copays... and i want my drugs covered. [ male announcer ] say "hello" to more of what you want with unitedhealthcare and our all-in-one medicare advantage plans, including aarp medicarecomplete plans, insured through unitedhealthcare. one, simple plan could give you hospital and doctor coverage with prescription drug benefits and more, like vision and hearing, all with monthly premiums as low as zero-dollars. oh, and i want to spend less on prescriptions. [ male announcer ] say "hello" to value. on average, our medicare advantage members save over eight
romney doesn't care about that. >> my job is not to worry about those people. >> romney's campaign responded by saying, he is right. no, actually a spokesman replied, "it is not surprising a liberal special interest group is trying to distract from president obama's failed agenda with dishonest, political attacks." i think that was actually written for just about every response. you send that thing out. meanwhile, is the prospect of obama winning a second term giving kitten nightmares? i don't see that kitten hugging any garbage men. what kind of kitten is that? it is a monster kitten. jedediah, try to control yourself. when you played the ad with the garbage man, you were nodding your head in agreement. that surprised me. >> who hugs their garbage man? other than you, of course. and it is not just a garbage man. they have follow-up video with a local fireman and then another lady who picks up the trash in the neighborhood. if they were going to pull the class warfare nonsense they should have been more creative than this. no one hands garbage to their -- gatorade to their garbage
of the middle-class and provide jobs for the american people. >> republican candidate mitt romney want lower taxes and less government intervention. that's something this family agrees with, particularly when it comes to health care reform very >> health care is not our right in the sense we don't authorize the government to take for other people to provide the american people with health care. healthcare is a privilege. >> but this obama supporters sees a different america. he says the government is not giving people the help they need. >> health care is not a privilege. health-care is right. playing golf is a privilege. you don't have to play golf. >> he can afford to buy private insurance for themselves and his family, but as a presbyterian minister, he often crop -- often comes across people his lights have been turned upside down by the economic crisis. that's why a lot with most of the members of this parish council, he was to see president obama reelected. he wants to see more opportunities for those who are less well-off, especially when it comes to education. many students are left
barack obama and i approve this message. >> running for governor, mitt romney campaigned as a job creator. >> i know how jobs are created. >> but as a corporate raider, he shipped jobs to china and mexico. >>> the fact checkers pushed back on that claim and the obama campaign changed the ad to the next version saying, "his firm had outsourced." >> so fact checking is a protection against this deception? >> fact checking is a way of not eliminating the deceptive inferences, but increasing the likelihood that you have more of these statements accurate. >> you know, there are some journalists who disagree with you. the media critic jack shafer said in a column that quote, "of course politicians and their campaigns lie. of course they continue to lie even when called out. if you think otherwise, then they might have been speaking to you. you're looking for truth in all the wrong places." is that realistic or cynical or both? >> if you say that candidates are willing to lie in order to be elected, are you saying that when they govern as president, we have just licensed them to lie to us? becau
that compelling reason. why aren't you in colorado with romney? you did a good job in florida when he turned it around. why aren't you out there with him? >> i think the governor's got a great team and we'll just leave it at that. >> bill: so it's his preference not to have you out there. that's interesting. secondly, you prepped john mccain for his debate with barak obama and mccain held his own, but didn't bring the debate to the president, then senator. mccain never brought it to him. he was almost exasperated by look, this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. he's talking in generalities, but that doesn't get through to the electorate who liked barak obama and i think still does like barak obama. >> i think that's true. i think that's one of the reasons why governor romney's got to go on offense. what the governor has to do is he has to make the public start blaming barak obama for the bad economic -- >> bill: how do you do that? how do you swing the public over to blaming the president? how? >> well, that's the thing that they haven't done effectively -- as effectively as they need
for hard working americans. >> do you want four more years with 23 million people struggling to find a job? >> reporter: mitt romney told reporters at a recent campaign stop the debate is not about winning. >> governor romney is the underdog but he will be ready on the issues which is what this is about. >> they are spinning on the incumbent favor saying the debate will challenge the debater. >> they will be held to account for more than what they have been held to account for as far as the facts and details. >> both know every question counts and fumbles can be costly. >> quite a few have lost an election with a debate. >> mean hook happens could decide what happens on neve 6th. live in denver, back to you. >>> our coverage starts at 6:00 and we will be streaming the debate live on ktvu channel 2 morning news mobile and our ipod app. >>> they will protest outside of chevron's richmond refinely and it is a response to that fire at the refind are you. they want reduced emissions and they plan to march at 3:00 this afternoon. yesterday city council passed a resolution requiring chevron must
's being created and i think governor romney's going to do a very good job of one of growth, of one of allowing the states to be more engaged in policies. >> reporter: so, of course, he thinks romney is going to do good tonight. is he partisan, no doubt about that. we'll see how it plays out. >> david, i understand that you're still going to talk to kyle bass in a few minutes. what is top of questions in your mind? >> kyle is a big macro thinker. he also runs a hedge fund that makes stock picks like everybody else. we're also going to talk about, first off, the growing debt world we're going to talk about that and might talk about stock runs in about ten minutes from now. >> all right. thank you very much, david faber. >> "the wall street journal" that bald men have an advantage. the study finds that men with shaved heads, like these guys, are perceived to be more dominant, taller, stronger, and in some cases greater leadership. >> but they have natural baldness. there's a difference. >> compared to men that have long or thinning hair. that brings us to this morning's "squawk on the
lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over $100 million by shutting down power plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage, it was like hoping my own coffin, and it just made me sick. >> priorities u.s.a. action is responsible for the content. >> out of the blue when they were told to build -- >> so pretty powerful add, powerful because it's a real story. powerful because it sets the table is a set in terms of what mitt romney's priorities were peered out from a visual perspective, this ad was seen shooting the visitors 2 million times on youtube and most impressively, it was seen in the swing states. so this is the kind of advertising we decided to run in swing states, particularly in a place like ohio, for example, where blue-collar downscale boaters were looking for this kind of information and saw the priorities of mitt romney and i think this is very important as setting the stage for the rest of the campaign. i will show you one more added and i promise to shut out. it is not on not d., negative. some of it was gone. here is one we di
mitt romney will say 8.1% and the president will say 30 months of job growth. obama's construct will be inherited problem and with the policies in place need another four years. gerri: the backdrop is the 2007 video of candidate obama talking to black preacher saying essentially the federal government does not care about black americans. >> he has his facts wrong. president bush waived the stanford act 60 months for e emergency removal. $150 billion of katrina assistance. 20 billion on housing mississippi and the mexia had no real import -- reimbursement. from the state. to pockets that had the money had to be reimbursed. 19 million in construction for levies and 12 billion in reimbursement for public facilities. $31 million total. the requirements the state of mississippi and louisiana reimbursed 10 percent, not the city of new orleans. they had a $1 billion per year superstation surplus. normally that would collapse the finances so the government said put up your match for the levees but instead you could pay it over 30 years. he misstated the facts deliberately to say they we
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